Global Visionary – Ryuho Okawa

Religious leader, educator, National Teacher of Japan and Global Visionary.

Master Ryuho Okawa has given more than 2,500 lectures in 30 years on various topics, ranging from individual happiness to global issues. His lectures have been published as best-selling books influencing millions all over the world, aiming for the happiness and betterment of humanity.

This year in particular, amidst increasing global turmoil, Master Okawa has delivered numerous lectures on the theme of ‘Justice.’ This time, he will be traveling to New York to give a special message for the American people. This message will give us insight as to how to bring together conflicting values and guide us towards freedom and prosperity for all.

We truly believe this precious opportunity will bring great inspiration benefiting all of us as individuals and to society as a whole. We sincerely hope you will be a part of this life-transforming event!

Directions to the Venue

Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan

Date & Time:
Oct. 2nd (Sun) 2016

11am (registration opens)
12.50pm (doors close)
1pm – 3pm (program time)

Venue name:
Crowne Plaza
Times Square Manhattan

Broadway Ballroom

1605 Broadway
New York,
NY 10019

Entrance of Crowne Plaza Hotel is at 1605 Broadway, between 48th & 49th Streets, across from the M&M store.

About Happy Science

Happy Science is a Global Movement and Happiness Revolution working to make YOU a happier person and THE WORLD a happier place.

We have the motto, EXPLORING THE RIGHT MIND. This means to explore and awaken to our divine nature by putting into practice the Four Principles of Happiness, which are LOVE – to give love to others, instead of taking, WISDOM – to study spiritual Truth to gain higher perspective in life and live in the Truth, SELF-REFLECTION – to examine our thoughts and purify our minds by overcoming an excessive ego, and PROGRESS – to share happiness and keep improving ourselves while contributing to creating a better world.

Creating a HAPPIER family, HAPPIER society and HAPPIER world starts from each one of us.

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