The Truth about Life after Death (Part 3). Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture: Equality in the Face of Death

Introducing Ryuho Okawa’s Teachings about Life after Death (Part 3)

In the previous part, part two of this three-part series, Ryuho Okawa explored the difficulties of explaining to some people that they have died, especially to those with a deeply held materialistic perspective of life, scientific thinkers or those with mistaken ideologies that rejected the idea of the spiritual, that they have in fact died.

In part three, which is the last in this series, we come full circle to discuss the origin of life. Generally, the fundamental question about life after death, or the afterlife, is a subject principally discussed in religion; while the question of the origin of life and mystery of creation is largely discussed by science. Ryuho Okawa, however, explains that both explorations are ultimately one and the same. In this final part, this lecture focuses on the field of science and explores current theories on creation and life. How does life suddenly appear from a condition that does not support life? Is there a power that exists beyond the visible world which has yet to be accepted by the scientific community but holds the key as to how life came to be? Find out Ryuho Okawa’s answers to such fundamental questions on creation and life in this lecture.

Does science understand life and death?

Are humans simply machines made by accident?

What is the source and origin of life?

Extracts from Ryuho Okawa’s lecture:
Equality in the Face of Death (Part 3)

Human Beings Will Inevitably Grow Old and Fall Ill

Recently, we have witnessed huge advances in the field of robotics and from the point of view of the physical function, it has become increasingly difficult to draw a clear line between robots and living creatures. We have seen the creation of robots that mimic human or animal form, breaking down the division between them and the real thing.

This brings us to the problem of life, the question of birth and the question of the deterioration of the human body with age. However, it is impossible for people to avoid growing old, just as it is impossible for them to cheat death.

Also, we come to the problem of disease, of becoming ill. Humankind has succeeded in defeating many diseases and the average lifespan is much longer than it was in the past. However, as a result of medical studies, the number of diseases has grown, and things that were not thought to be illnesses in the past are now recognized as actually being diseases. Illness is something that we will never be free of.

Science Does Not Understand Life and Death

To what extent has contemporary learning succeeded in finding answers to the basic problems of birth, aging, illness and death? At their current levels, modern studies and science are unable to provide a clear answer, particularly when faced with the problems of where we come from at birth and where we go after death. Despite all their studies, their cloning and reproductive technologies, there is still doubt as to whether they understand what life is.

The Verification of Science Versus the Belief of Religion

Religion is not something that can be verified or proven through experimentation by people while they are alive. The Truth is preached by a small number of people and it depends on the individual whether or not they believe. As a result, it is difficult to acknowledge religion through a majority vote in the modern way and it is also extremely difficult to prove scientifically. Despite this, it is important to continue to say what must be said.

Inquiry into the afterlife — what happens to us after we cease to exist on Earth — is a subject principally discussed in religion, while inquiry into the mysteries of Creation is largely a subject discussed in science. I would like to show you that religious inquiry and scientific inquiry are ultimately one and the same…


From the Book: “The Laws of the Sun” Chapter 1

What Continues in Life is the ‘Genes’ Not the Soul?

Today we see advances in medicine and biology that have allowed humankind to go as far as cloning animals. If we look at the popular books on sale, we find them introducing people to a new perspective that is quite different from the spiritual perspective that humans have souls and they are reborn through the process of reincarnation.

In his book The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins proposes the theory that it is genes themselves that cause their hosts to reproduce, making new bodies that will allow them to exist for one or two hundred years. He claims it is the genes that survive.

Considering the materialistic way in which biological research is undertaken today, I suppose it is only to be expected that this is the kind of result they would have arrived at. Humans receive half their genes from each parent and these are then recombined to create new genes. However, a percentage of the original genes exist in the new body and are able to prosper. When the child grows and has children of its own, then the genes will be passed on once more and through the process of reproduction, it becomes possible for the genes to exist indefinitely. This is a very materialistic viewpoint.

The Physical Body is Simply a Tool for the Soul

It may be impossible for people who are involved in research of this kind to look at the subject any differently and this is regrettable. The physical body is only a tool so no matter how hard it is studied, it will be difficult to find the true meaning and purpose of life.

Science Does Not Understand the Origin of Creation

The theory of creation, that is to say, the way the world was created, why there is life and why we are born, is something that is almost impossible to prove scientifically. The more I listen to the explanations of scientists, the more it resembles mere superstition.

With regard to the origins of life, science would have us believe that the first life consisted of plankton and microorganisms, then came plants, then finally animals. However, recent studies in microbiology have proved that life does not form in a flask that has been sterilized in boiling water. It was once thought that flies and other forms of life suddenly appeared from out of nowhere, but it has been proven over the last one or two hundred years that if a container is completely sterilized, disinfected with boiling water and nothing let in, then no life will appear.

How Can Life Appear in Sterilized Conditions?

Earth is said to be approximately four-point-six billion years old and it can no longer be denied that in the beginning, it was a fiery star. This is an accepted fact. However, no one seems to be able to answer how life could appear in this inferno where even rocks existed in a molten state. In that state, the entire planet would have been completely sterilized and if this was the case, then where did life come from? It is all very curious. If you attempt to explain the origins of life scientifically in this way, it will simply lead to superstition or fantasy.

A Force Beyond the Visible World: The Power of Spiritual Light

Considering this, we are left with no option but to believe in the power of something outside the visible world. If we say, “There is a powerful force at work which provides a direction and moves things accordingly, a power that controls this world and gives rise to evolution,” then things begin to make much more sense.

The Power of the Sun

The source of all life in this world is, of course, the light of the sun. This combines with water, comprised of oxygen and hydrogen, and carbon dioxide to produce carbon dioxide assimilation. This is converted into energy that produces the power of life.

In the other world, the Spiritual Sun provides the energy of life. The particles of light of the Spiritual Sun function in both this world and the other. They encompass both sides and in this world, they become life.

In summer, plant life flourishes, and animals become active, grow and procreate. Large quantities of life are created. If you see this, it becomes obvious that this is related to the strength of the sun. The energy of the sun is converted into the energy of life. If you visit the spirit world, you will see that there, too, the energy of the Spiritual Sun is what creates the spiritual bodies of human beings. In this way, the particles of light function in both this world and the next, appearing in this world as the energy of life and in the other world as the energy of spiritual bodies.

The Theory of Evolution is The Theory of a Series of Accidents

The theory of evolution as put forward by scientists can only be described as a theory of a series of accidents. It has no fundamental meaning or philosophical basis and so seems to be comprised of merely accident after accident after accident. It is almost the same as saying that if bricks, water and cement were left on a piece of land, and if the wind blew, and monkeys and other animals came along and fiddled with them, then the result would be a house. This is the way that science looks at the origins of humankind and other higher forms of animal life.

Summary of Key Points:

Modern Misunderstanding of Life and Death

Science does not understand how life originated and what happens after death.

The Verification of Science Versus the Belief of Religion

It is difficult for the world beyond to be proved with the verification of science and through material means.

The Physical Body is Simply a Tool for the Soul

The true meaning and purpose of life cannot be discovered by exploring the physical body.

Understanding the Origin of Creation and Life

Science is incapable of understanding the origin of life and how life came into existence.

Can Life Appear within Sterilized Conditions?

Science has already proven that life cannot appear within sterilized conditions.

A Force Beyond the Visible World

There is a force that exists beyond the visible world: the power of spiritual light.

The Theory of Evolution is The Theory of Accidents

A theory that life occurred through a series of accidents is a mistaken ideology.


Extracts from: Monthly Messages (issues 149)
Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture: Equality in the Face of Death – a five-part series.
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The more we know about the intricate structure of human beings, the clearer it becomes that we are not the result of any accidental assembly of materials. Human beings actually are created with a purpose.


From the Book: “Spiritual World 101” Part 4

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