New York

“The Way to Success”

Location: New York Branch
Date: Sept 28th 2008

Ryuho Okawa visited New York, USA, during 2008 as the bailout of major investment banks rocked the global financial markets. He gave an appropriate lecture entitled, “The Way to Success” at the Happy Science New York Local Temple.

Los Angeles

“Happy Attitude”

Location: Los Angeles Branch
Date: March 23rd 2008

In his lecture, Ryuho Okawa talked about how the most important teaching is love and how human beings were created to love one other. He said that what obstructs love is an excessive competitive culture, and reveals his strong determination to create a new civilization.


“What is Real Life?”

Location: London Branch
Date: July 27th 2008

In his lecture, Ryuho Okawa began by giving two reasons for why Great Britain lost its former glory. Firstly, people have forgotten the spirit of self-help, and secondly, they are attached to the old way of living. For England to regain its greatness, it must remember what its Queen once said: “Duty first, self second.”

Sao Paulo

“Love and the Work of Angels”

Location: Credicard Hall
Date: November 14th 2010

There was a standing ovation for Ryuho Okawa and the waving of a mass of yellow scarves from the crowd of 2500 for the last lecture of his tour in Brazil. He spoke in his native language of Japanese while a live translation in Portuguese was provided for the audience on the theme of love and the works of angels.


“Life and Death”

Location: Hotel Yak and Yeti
Date: March 4th 2011

Ryuho Okawa visited the country of Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthplace where many journalists and TV stations came to witness his Dharma lecture: “Life and Death”. This historic lecture was also broadcast live on national TV.

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