About Ryuho Okawa and His Aspiration

Ryuho Okawa is a spiritual leader, an extraordinary visionary and an enlightened teacher who is dedicated to exploring the path to happiness and to creating a better world. In 1986, he founded Happy Science in Japan – a spiritual movement with the purpose to bring true happiness to humankind based on the teachings of universal Truth.

As a wise and compassionate teacher, Ryuho Okawa has a great aspiration to help overcome the conflicts occuring around the globe caused by misunderstandings in religion, politics and even in education, by offering a higher perspective, guidance and a grand vision for humanity. He has great hope that each of us can transform our lives, live with spiritual purpose and meaning, and unite in a positive direction, beyond the differences of our beliefs, creed, race or language, to improve society and help to create an ideal world.

My gift to you is this message: Think big! So always dream big in your heart, and work persistently, step by step, to make your dreams come true. Be determined to build the future of your dreams.


From the book “Think Big!” | Preface | p.11

Ryuho Okawa in His Youth and Awakening Rise

Ryuho Okawa was born on July 7th 1956, in Tokushima, located in the western region of Japan. During his educational years, the young Okawa made great efforts and excelled in his studies until he could enter one of the most prestigious universities of Japan, the University of Tokyo, majoring in the field of law.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Ryuho Okawa joined a trading company and was relocated overseas to the New York headquarters, where he studied international business and finance. Despite having great prospects in the world of business, destiny had another path awaiting – a path on which he would devote his whole life to serving a greater cause.

On March 23rd 1981, at the age of 24, Ryuho Okawa had a spiritual awakening and attained Great Enlightenment with the mission to bring happiness to all of humanity.

Ryuho Okawa’s Achievements and Teachings of Truth

Since Ryuho Okawa’s great calling, he has worked tirelessly and with boundless passion each day to share universal Truth to people and guide them to happiness.

On November 23rd, 1986, Ryuho Okawa started teaching universal Truth, the Laws. That day is now celebrated in many countries as the day of the Great Turning of the Wheel of Dharma, the day that Truth was first taught to the public.

On March 8th, 1987, he began teaching the Principles of Happiness: the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress. Three decades later, Ryuho Okawa’s diligent efforts have blossomed into a treasure trove of wisdom for humankind, an extraordinary achievement in human history, that comprises over 3500 lectures on Truth (Dharma lectures) that covers a diversity of fields such as religion, science, world affairs, culture and arts, the medical field, politics, academics and business.

In addition to speaking at public events to tens of thousands of attendees in Japan, he has conducted lectures worldwide over 5 continents in 16 countries such as the USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Uganda and Germany. Even today, Ryuho Okawa continues with boundless passion to share Truth with as many people as possible with the great aspiration that each and every person can awaken to true happiness.

A Best-selling Author of Over 3100 Books

In addition to conducting over 3500 lectures on Truth, Ryuho Okawa has also published over 3100 books in Japan and worldwide, selling over 100 million copies, including many bestsellers such as The Laws of the Sun, Invincible Thinking and Think Big! Discover the key books on Ryuho Okawa’s core teachings and also his latest book releases.

Ryuho Okawa has visited 16 countries in 5 continents. Click to watch his global lectures.
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