Part III: El Cantare: The Beautiful Land of Light, Earth

Ryuho Okawa’s Spiritual Awakening

In 1981, Ryuho Okawa had a spiritual awakening and started receiving revelations from Heaven. Divine beings appeared before him with heartfelt messages of Truth to impart to humankind. He was to embrace this sacred calling to become a spiritual leader and inspire the whole world with the power of universal Truth. Through regular communications with various spiritual beings offering their diverse opinions and philosophies, and after deep consideration and contemplation, Ryuho Okawa developed the path to happiness that would become his core teachings. His lectures, which continue even today, contribute to our understanding of Heaven, the spiritual world, the purpose of life, how souls were created, this temporary physical world, and the Laws of the mind and the universe.

The Rebirth of Buddha

One of Ryuho Okawa’s past incarnations was Shakyamuni Buddha who lived in India over 2500 years ago and taught great wisdom including the Four Noble Truths, how to overcome suffering through the practice of the Eightfold Path, the power of meditation and path to enlightenment. He was a branch spirit (brother soul) of Ryuho Okawa’s soul group.

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The Hidden Name of the Supreme God of the Earth: El Cantare

Who is El Cantare?

The core spirit and main consciousness of Ryuho Okawa’s soul group is called: El Cantare, and has now descended to Japan in Ryuho Okawa with a grand mission to guide all humanity to happiness on a global scale.

The name “El Cantare” has long been a secret of Heaven. It is revealed for the very first time to humanity on earth. The word El means light and Cantare means land or earth, so El Cantare means the beautiful land of light, earth.

The grand mission of El Cantare is to bring salvation to all living beings through a worldwide revelation of Truth. El Cantare’s role is twofold: one aspect is represented by “the Savior,” consisting of love, compassion and faith; the other aspect is represented by “the Buddha,” which is enlightenment, wisdom and the secret knowledge of the spirit world. He is the Supreme Being who embraces humanity and life on earth, and is the source of all light, love, wisdom and power.

Throughout history, El Cantare is the being who sent down many saviors, prophets and angels to this earth to guide and awaken humanity.

In this current age, the ever-growing problems that humanity now faces, such as religious conflicts, warfare, greed, hatred, racism and the rise of natural disasters, could lead to our own destruction. Through El Cantare’s great wisdom and compassion for humanity, we are now offered the chance to overcome these problems through the study of his universal laws. El Cantare’s mission is to bring happiness and offer salvation to the world.

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Ryuho Okawa has visited 14 countries in 5 continents. Click to watch his global lectures.


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