Part II: Ryuho Okawa’s Further Extraordinary Achievements

Community Support and Charity

Ryuho Okawa has always cared for the welfare of those in need through offering his wisdom and support for good causes. Based on a philosophy of giving love with wisdom, and the greater perspective that people are essentially spiritual beings, salvation of the heart and soul of people is placed as a primary importance. Through the activities of Happy Science, support has been offered worldwide for disaster relief, the reconstruction of schools and education support for students, and to charity groups such as Save the Children and Unicef.

Enterprise and Commerce: An Entrepreneurial Pioneer

Based on his extensive business experience and promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit, Ryuho Okawa has offered guidance to companies and entrepreneurs with an aspiration to achieve success based on an ideal to support the development, prosperity and happiness of society.

An Award Winning Director, Movie & Music Producer

To share Truth in popular culture and the arts, Ryuho Okawa has created and directed many full-feature movies and animations of which several have received awards, some of which are based on popular books, such as The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Eternity and The Mystical Laws. In 2016, I’m Fine, My Angel was released. In 2018, The Laws of the Universe — Part 1 was released. In 2019, The Last White Witch was released. In 2020, The Real Exorcist and Living in the Age of Miracles was released. In 2021, three movies were released which were Beautiful Lure-A Modern Tale of “Painted Skin”, Into Dreams… and Horror Experiences and The Laws of the Universe-The Age of Elohim. All movies were released in Japan and then soon afterward for a worldwide audience in various languages.

Politics and Education: A Political and Educational Innovator

To expand happiness into the areas of education and politics, Ryuho Okawa has founded a private middle and high school, Happy Science Academy, and a university, the Happy Science University. In 2009, he founded a political party, the Happiness Realization Party.

An Inspiration to Many and Global Fans

Happy Science, founded by Ryuho Okawa, has expanded across the world and now has members in over 168 countries. The rapid rise is due to Ryuho Okawa’s wisdom, love and dedication to bringing more happiness to people of the world. His universal teachings have touched the lives of many, regardless of background, race, status or even faith. Find out more what others say about Ryuho Okawa and how his teachings have changed their lives.

Ryuho Okawa has visited 16 countries in 5 continents. Click to watch his global lectures.
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