“I’m Fine” Spirit

How to Get Through Tough Times
Published by: Happy Science | 2011

Chapter One

Live with a Carefree Spirit

Chapter Two

Weaknesses and Shortcomings are Seeds of Happiness

Chapter Three

Are You Choosing Unhappiness?

Chapter Four

Face Your Karma

Chapter Five

Knowing That Your Have Eternal Life Makes You More Accepting

Chapter Six

Lead a Cheerful Way of Life

Chapter Seven

Get Through Tough Times with an “I’m Fine” Spirit

About this book: “I’m Fine” Spirit

The content of this book is a recipe for succeeding in life that can be used by all people around the world. It is an essential textbook written in simple words that provides instructions on how to lead a life of happiness.

It is a modern Bible, a modern sutra, a study of life, a way of life that transcends beyond the barriers dividing religions and sects.

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