The Nine Dimensions

Unveiling the Laws of Eternity
Published by: IRH Press | 2012

Chapter One

The World of the Fourth Dimension

Chapter Two

The World of the Fifth Dimension

Chapter Three

The World of the Sixth Dimension

Chapter Four

The World of the Seventh Dimension

Chapter Five

The World of the Eighth Dimension

Chapter Six

The Path to El Cantare

About this book: The Nine Dimensions

In The Nine Dimensions (also known as The Laws of Eternity), the reader will be taken on a journey into the Other World – that place to which we all go when our lives end here on earth. The multidimensional aspects of this Other World are revealed, culminating in the Ninth Dimension – the realm of the saviors.

This is the realm inhabited by the Messiahs, beings who only come down to earth every thousand years or more.

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