Invitation to Happiness

7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel
Published by: IRH Press | 2015

Chapter One

A Calm Mind

Chapter Two

The True You

Chapter Three

Hardships & Failures

Chapter Four


Chapter Five


Chapter Six

A Joyful Life

Chapter Six

Dreams & Goals

About this book: Invitation to Happiness

Are you searching for joy, inspiration or a deeper spiritual connection? What if you found it wasn’t around you or in others – but already within you. This book is your personal invitation and path to finding happiness, and a more authentic life.

Please join you, in a new discovery of self and perspective. And it’s not only an invitation; it’s an introduction to the driving force that guides you through life and the secret to living true to you – your inner angel.

Inside these pages are easy-to-use tools to get there, including easy-to-use practices for introspection, guided visualizations, tips for contemplation, Simple step-by-step action plans, and discovery journal space to record inspirations from your inner angel.

Through reading contemplating and writing – you’ll find a path to your truest self – allowing you to live a more confident, connected life of inner peace.

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