Spiritual Readings of Paranormal Phenomenon

Published by: Happy Science | 2021

Case One

An Out-of-Body Experience of a Man with a Goblin-like Spiritual Body

Case Two

Who Appeared in the Canadian Lecturer’s Dream the Night before Her Seminar?

Case Three

Three Girls in New York Get a Nosebleed at the Same Time

Case Four

Millions of Hamsters in a Dream

Case Five

Having a Dream of a Hole and Encoutering a UFO in Italy

About this book: Spiritual Readings of Paranormal Phenomenon

In case 1, what is the special abilities of the man with a goblin-like spiritual body? In case 2, who were the two mysterious figures who appeared before a Canadian lecturer’s dream? In case 3, were space people involved with three girls whose noses bled at the same time in New York?

In case 4, what was the hidden meaning of a woman dreaming of millions of hamsters? And in case 5, what is the special role in the spirit world of a man who fell down a hole with many grappling hands?

Discover the soul’s hidden history, and their dreams and mission for the future.

Available only at all Happy Science temples and branches.