The Laws of Hell

“IT” follows…..
Published by: IRH Press | 2023

Chapter One

Introduction to Hell—Teaching Modern People about Hell

Chapter Two

The Laws of Hell—The Judgment by Yama that Awaits You After Death

Chapter Three

Curses, Spells, and Possession—How to Control Your Mind So You Don’t Fall to Hell

Chapter Four

The Fight against Devils—Revealing the Reality of Devils and Their Tactics

Chapter Five

A Message from Savior—Saving the Earth from Crisis

The Laws of Hell book

About this book: The Laws of Hell

Heaven and hell exist within our mind while we are living in this world. Thus, we don’t need to wait for the Judgment Day, and we can reflect upon which direction we are heading each day. To do so, it is vital to know the Spiritual Truth clarified in this book now.

We can still go to hell, regardless of whether we are caught and punished by earthly laws.

Unfortunately, now more than ever, hell is rapidly expanding its territory—numerous new areas of hell are being created, which are actually caused by people’s mindset and activities in this modern age.

This is a book of salvation providing critical Truth about how to identify hell in our everyday life and the countermeasures that will help us to overcome it.

It is the author’s sincere wish for all people in this age to fully equip themselves with the proper knowledge about Hell and Demons as they exist in every field, even among religion.

Knowledge is power and it sets us free from unnecessary and unrealistic fear.

Regardless of your spiritual belief or even if you don’t believe in hell, the contents of this book are unquestionably invaluable for you to live a better and happier life.

The book also provides the solutions to relinquish our own hell by taking control of our everyday emotions and minds which create hell. As we become more conscious about our own inner hell, and as we learn to let it go, we can generate light from within that is capable of positively transforming the world. In this way, we can become happier individuals collectively engaged in creating a brighter future.

Also available at major US bookstores and Happy Science temples.