The Laws of Justice

How We Can Solve World Conflicts and Bring Peace
Published by: IRH Press | 2016

Chapter One

God is Never Silent

Chapter Two

Conflict Between Religion and Materialism

Chapter Three

Progress that Starts from Righteousness

Chapter Four

The Principle of Justice

Chapter Five

The Great Turning Point in Human History

Chapter Six

Establishing the Justice of God

About this book: The Laws of Justice

How can we resolve conflicts in this world? Why is that we continue to live in a world of turmoil, when we all wish to live in a world of peace and harmony? Just in recent years, we’ve faced issues that jeopardize international peace and security, including the rise of ISIS, Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, break-off of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, China’s military expansion, and North Korea’s nuclear development. In hopes of offering solutions to global crises, thereby bringing peace, security, and happiness to all people, Ryuho Okawa wrote The Laws of Justice.

This book shows what global justice is from a comprehensive perspective of the Supreme God. Becoming aware of this view will let us embrace differences in beliefs, recognize other people’s divine nature, and love and forgive one another. It will also become the key to solving the issues we face, whether they’re religious, political, societal, economic, or academic, and help the world become a better and safer world for all of us living today.

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