The Laws of Messiah

From Love to Love
Published by: IRH Press | 2022

Chapter One

Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.

Chapter Two

What the Messiah Should Say and Do Now

Chapter Three

The Teachings of Messiah

Chapter Four

The Heart of the Earth

Chapter Five

The Love of Messiah

The Laws of Secret

About this book: The Laws of Messiah

“The Laws Of Messiah” is the guide for 2022 to the whole world!
In this book, Lord God speaks to you.

The Messiah has now descended on Earth. He reveals about Truth and happiness, and is trying to end the confusion of the world.

“The Laws Of Messiah” tells the truth about the descent of the Messiah. May the divine messages within this book reach into your soul and to the whole world. …what kind of being is a messiah or a savior? Find out in this sacred book.

〇 Discover how the 21st century is seen from the God’s eyes. How He views the crisis of the Earth, and the optimal state of being for human beings.

〇 Learn about the God of Mercy and the Justice of “Elohim”. Attain clarity on the value judgement of good and evil on Earth.

〇 Learn about Jesus Christ, Hong Xiuquan, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, and their past movements as messiahs and their tragedies.

〇 Revealing the truth of Shambhala for the first time in human history—a sacred place that promotes spiritual awakening for humanity.

〇 Discover how our Earth is a training ground for the soul. Believe in God and the importance to love.

Also available at major US bookstores and Happy Science temples.