The Laws of Secret

Awaken to This New World and Change Your Life
Published by: IRH Press | 2021

Chapter One

The Secret World of Religion

Chapter Two

Recovering from Spiritual Disturbance

Chapter Three

The Condition of the Real Exorcist

Chapter Four

The Right Way to Conquer the Devils

Chapter Five

Creation from Faith

The Laws of Secret

About this book: The Laws of Secret

This world is always full of wonder no matter how much science and technology advance. That is because our physical world coexists with the multi-dimensional spirit world and we are constantly interacting with some kind of spiritual energy, whether positive or negative, without consciously realizing it.

This book reveals the spiritual Truth of the universe which no one has ever explained before. It also describes the spiritual reasons behind the flu, the novel coronavirus infection, and other illnesses. As you read this book, you will come to know what kind of invisible influence you are receiving and how to change the course of your life to make it more meaningful and delightful.

The new view of the world in this book will inspire you to become someone who can give hope and courage to others struggling in the current age of confusion.

“This book shall give you a new view of the world and new guiding principles to live by.”

Also available at major US bookstores and Happy Science temples.

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