The Truth about Life after Death (Part 2). Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture: Equality in the Face of Death

Introducing Ryuho Okawa’s Teachings about Life after Death (Part 2)

In the previous part, part one of this three-part series, Ryuho Okawa explained about how death is generally misunderstood and that death is a natural cycle of life that is inevitable for all of us; however, the key revelation about death is that it is not the end, but the starting point of the journey to the next world – the spirit world, which is our true home. The transitional process from death on this earth to the various elementary stages of the other world was revealed in detail.

In continuation, part two explores the issues of those who don’t clearly understand that they have in fact passed away. Ryuho Okawa clarifies the problems that occur in convincing those who have just died and the various efforts needed to explain this astonishing circumstance to them. What happens to those who have no religious affiliation or spiritual inclination? What about materialists or those who had been immersed into a scientific way of thinking and ideologies that denied the idea of the spiritual or life after death – what happens to such people? From this enlightening lecture, we can learn how people’s belief systems influence the progress in the journey to the next world and, ultimately, the importance of self-responsibility of each person’s thoughts and actions while living in this world.

What are main issues for someone who has just died?

What difficulties will scientific thinkers face?

What challenges will those with status or fame have to face?

Extracts from Ryuho Okawa’s lecture:
Equality in the Face of Death (Part 2)

The Problem of Convincing Those Who Have Just Died

When people first arrive in the next world, various methods are used to help them recognize their situation. Today many people die in hospitals and in order to help them understand what has happened to them, beings in the other world reluctantly disguise themselves as doctors or nurses. They play the role of doctors or nurses so newcomers will believe in them.

They will say things like, “Recent advances in medical science have proved that there is actually another world after death. Medical science has come so far that you no longer need a body. Didn’t you know?” What they say may sound questionable, but they try to guide souls by telling stories such as these.

Nurses will appear and say things like, “Let me take your pulse. Oh, you don’t have one. If you don’t have a pulse, it can only mean that you are dead…” In this way, they do everything they can to convince their subjects.

Those Who Don’t Believe in Religion

Looking at people who do not believe in religion, you will see it is quite difficult for them to return to heaven immediately after death. I am now talking about those who absolutely refuse to believe.

These people believe that everything ends with death, so if they find they still have life after death, how could they explain it? If they have consciousness after death, then they will simply not believe that they are dead; they will assume that they are still alive. As a result, they tend to return to their own homes, to the hospital or some other place that is familiar.

People who die without believing in the afterlife will find themselves so confused that even then, they will not be able to recognize their own existence.


From the Book: “The Laws of the Sun” Chapter 6

Those Who Believe in the Afterlife are Fortunate

People who have a religious belief during their life on earth are fortunate, as they will find representatives of their religion waiting to guide them to the other world. However, those who rejected religion while they were alive, those who had no affinity for spiritual matters and no connection with a religion will find it difficult when they return to the other world.

Attaining Higher Levels of Experience in the Spirit World

Be it in Heaven, Hell, or some place in between, the more experiences you have in the next world, the higher the level you will attain. In this respect, it can be said to resemble a game; as people become more experienced, the difference between beginners and those who have been playing for a long time becomes apparent.

When they pass away, religious people or those who have a certain affinity to enlightenment can be convinced of their new situation quite quickly and their integration into the next world is comparatively smooth, but those who had absolutely no belief in religion while they were on earth pose a much harder problem.

Issues with Materialists and Scientific Thinkers

Science teachers who are particularly materialistic are quite difficult to convince. In the spiritual world there are plants and flowers and you will also see fish swimming in the rivers, and so people with a materialistic bent will refuse to believe that they are not on earth. They will insist that nothing has changed and that they are still alive, so it is very difficult to persuade them.

In their actions, they are not bad people; it is just that contemporary studies have made it difficult for them to understand the truth. They have studied modern science for several decades, becoming proud and unable to cast their knowledge aside.

Even though a priest tries to convince them of the truth, they simply reply, “I have been a science teacher for over thirty years,” or “I have studied at university,” and they refuse to listen to him. They say, “What are you talking about? You only graduated in religion whereas I graduated in physics, so I am cleverer. I don’t have time to listen to sermons by priests. My studies are at the cutting edge of technology and therefore more important.

The Mistaken Beliefs and Ideologies of this World

In a way, the majority of beliefs or ideologies of people in this world today can be said to be mistaken. Religious beliefs are considered to be a personal thing, and many of those who believe limit their religious activities to weekends or perhaps evenings, and they are not active while they are at work.

However, a person’s salvation depends on what they believe in, and so people who are not familiar with religious values or who spend all their time carrying out scientific experiments with electricity and the like, will be difficult to guide. People like this will have to spend some time studying in a modern-style Hell, similar to the place they are in now, before anything can be done for them.

Difficulties Facing those with Status, Fame and Power

People who had rank, fame and celebrity while they were on earth, who were pampered by large numbers of subordinates, are particularly difficult to persuade, and so they are left alone in this kind of place for a long time. When they find themselves there, they repent, lose heart and become a bit quieter, gradually displaying a willingness to listen to other people’s opinions. They want to meet somebody, anybody, just to hear another’s voice, to learn what they have done wrong. Until that happens, they are left on their own.

Even after they have reached this state of mind, they cannot be rescued straight away. It is impossible to help them instantly, so the angels come to them in various guises in order to lead them to understanding. Nothing can be done until they have built up a stock of spiritual experience, and so they are first allowed to experience various spiritual things.

The values of this world have absolutely no meaning in the next world. The way of thinking, the experiences and knowledge that were useful when living in this world become a handicap, an obstacle on your journey to the next. The way in which these are sorted out is most important.

Everyone is Equal in the Face of Death

To sum up, everybody is equal in the face of death. The social status, educational background, wealth or lineage of an individual has nothing to do with life in the next world. Everybody is left on their own, and is dealt with equally as an individual soul.

Summary of Key Points:

Convincing Those Who Have Died

Beings in the other world make various kinds of efforts to convince those who have just died.

Those Who Don’t Believe in Religion

Those who don’t have a religious affiliation will find it difficult to return to heaven.

Those Who Believe are Fortunate

Those who had religious belief and spiritual inclination will be guided by a suitable representative.

Attaining Higher Levels of Experience in the Spirit World

It resembles a game with levels for beginners and for the more experienced.

Issues with Materialists, Scientific Thinkers and Mistaken Ideologies

Such people are difficult to convince, so they need time to understand their situation by themselves.

Difficulties Facing those with Status, Fame and Power

What people value in this world have no meaning in the next world. We are all equal in the face of death.


Extracts from: Monthly Messages (issues 151/152)
Ryuho Okawa’s Lecture: Equality in the Face of Death – a five-part series.
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The secret to living a meaningful life is to meditate on the moment of your death. What thoughts will you have? How will you feel about the way you’ve spent your life? Would you be proud of the way you’ve lived? Would you have any regrets? Have you lived in good conscience? Take some time to consider these questions.


From the Book: “The Laws of the Sun” Chapter 6

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